Why You Want to Hire Me

Long ago (1998) and far away (Toronto), I embarked on a career in book publishing, first as an editorial intern at Random House of Canada, and then as a publishing assistant and eventually managing editor at Insomniac Press. At Insomniac, I worked on a diverse slate of fiction and nonfiction titles, including early books by Rinaldo Walcott, Natalee Caple, and Patrick Taylor. Fun fact: after editing his first novel, I persuaded Taylor that there was indeed a book in some old medical humor columns he'd written—which became his internationally bestselling Irish Country Doctor series. Can I do that for your vague manuscript idea? Probably not! But we could sure try.


I eventually gave up editing to do everything else you see in my usual bio—studying fiction and nonfiction, teaching creative writing, publishing books—but I never stopped loving the work. So here I am, twenty years later, nailing this little shingle to my website. Whether you're at the very beginning of a project or ready for a proofreader, I can probably help you improve your manuscript, nonfiction book proposal, (humanities) dissertation, or idea for a novel. 

What I offer 

Proofreading (AP, Chicago, or MLA style): $.03/word

Your project has already been professionally edited and copy edited, but you need one last set of eyes on the grammar, punctuation, and spelling. Includes 30-minute phone or video consultation. 

Copy Editing (AP, Chicago, or MLA style): $.05/word

You're through with major revisions and all the substantive editing you plan to have done. Now you need someone to fix any grammar, spelling, or punctuation issues; query things that don't quite make sense; and create a style sheet for consistency. Includes editorial letter and 30-minute phone or video consultation.

Line Editing $.08/word

You've finished major structural revisions and are now looking for a deep, sentence-level analysis of word choice, rhythm, flow, tone, etc. This is where we turn functional writing into beautiful writing. Includes editorial letter and one-hour phone or video consultation. 

Developmental Editing: $.10/word

You've finished a draft—congratulations! Before you dig into the next revision, you'd like some feedback on structure, voice, pacing, character development, continuity—all the big-picture stuff. 

Developmental and Line Editing package: $.16/word 

Includes both edits and two hours of phone or video consultation. 

Nonfiction Book Proposal Consultation: $300/proposal

Includes review of your materials and one-hour phone or video consultation. 

Additional Consultation, Coaching, Private Instruction, What-Have-You: $95/hr.

Includes review of up to 5,000 words prior to our conversation. 

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