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Why You Want to Hire Me

Long ago (1998) and far away (Toronto), I embarked on a career in book publishing, first as an editorial intern at Random House of Canada, and then as a publishing assistant and eventually managing editor at Insomniac Press. I eventually gave up editing to do everything else you see in my usual bio—studying fiction and nonfiction, teaching creative writing, publishing books—but I never stopped loving the work. So here I am, twenty years later, nailing this little shingle to my website. Whether you're at the very beginning of a project or ready for a proofreader, I can probably help you improve your manuscript, nonfiction book proposal, (humanities) dissertation, or idea for a novel. 

What I Offer 

Developmental Editing | $100/hr

You've finished a draft (congratulations!) or you're stuck in the middle of one (been there). Before you dig into the next revision, you'd like some feedback on structure, voice, pacing, character development, continuity—all the big-picture stuff. 

Line Editing | $75/hr

You've finished major structural revisions and are now looking for a deep, sentence-level analysis of word choice, rhythm, flow, tone, etc. This is where we turn functional writing into beautiful writing.


Copy Editing (AP or Chicago) | $50/hr

You're through with major revisions and all the substantive editing you plan to have done. Now you need someone to fix any grammar, spelling, or punctuation issues; query things that don't quite make sense; and check for consistency with your chosen style guide(s).

Humanities Dissertation Editing | Variable

For creative prose (fiction and nonfiction

General Coaching and Consultation

Do you have a great idea but no idea where to start? Are you having second-act problems in your first draft? Has your therapist asked you to quit talking about your manuscript and start talking about your real life? I might be able to help! 

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