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"Those who have followed Kate Harding... know her for her fierce wit and her ability to dive into complex social issues and emerge with simple, sane, humane truths." 
"Harding writes with courage and passion that may rankle some readers—which might not be an entirely bad thing."
"Kate Harding is one of Chicago’s loudest and most important voices on feminism, and we’re so glad for her."
"[Harding] is ambitious, taking on topics that others avoid, in life and in writing, and then fluidly providing us with not answers but beautiful explications of an unending question."

"Accented by snark, punctuated by profanity, and sprinkled with pop culture and literary references, Harding’s writing is accessible in addition to being weighty and informative."


"I am not capable of being objective about Kate Harding. She’s one of my best friends, and one of the funniest, most clear-headed, most uncompromising feminist writers working today—which means that, on a cultural level, she’s one of your best friends, too."

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