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For more than a decade, I've written op-eds, essays, columns, and countless blog posts for national publications and niche websites. As the "All the Rage" columnist at Dame, I wrote about head injuries in the NFL, the way "free speech" is used as justification for harassment, and the importance of traveling with good friends. I've also written about moving to Minneapolis (spoiler: I moved back), letting go of feminist heroes, and deciding to close down a popular blog. A long time ago, I reminded everyone that Roman Polanski raped a child. Some of my more recent publications are linked and excerpted below.



How precisely should I tell the truth about my own life, if increased precision edges us closer to damaging anti-woman stereotypes and bad-faith arguments stretching all the way back to Eve in the garden?

(Excerpt from Pretty Bitches: On Being Called Crazy, Angry, Bossy, Frumpy, Feisty, and All the Other Words That Are Used to Undermine Women)

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“Can dogs take Valium?” we wondered.

“There is nothing wrong with him!” said the vet. “He just has too many emotions at once!”

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The language and analysis that would contextualize these incidents as criminal sexual violence simply had not gone mainstream yet when Kavanaugh and these women were teenagers.

Electric Literature


Right now, every woman I know is a live wire, snapped and flailing, in a storm that doesn’t look like it’ll let up any time soon.

Electric Literature


A pregnant teenager, a reluctant mother, a fortysomething who wants to try in vitro, a single woman who wants to raise a baby, a polar explorer who has no interest in children — all are in precisely the same position, if a theocratic government and/or repressive society declare that women can’t be trusted to govern their own bodies. 

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Moms are supposed to solve the problems other people create, no matter how much they suffer themselves or how little power they have relative to the men they’re expected to bring to heel. Naturally, that includes our national mom, Hillary Clinton...

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When you combine these things — an awareness that the Democratic Party is no more or less than best of two, and an understanding that men in power frequently exploit women — it becomes difficult to believe that Franken is the only sitting Democrat with a history of harassment, abuse or assault. 



I have known a hell of a lot of white women, is what I'm saying, and thus feel uniquely qualified to answer the question on everyone's mind: white women, what is wrong with you?